Welcome to Seven Cities Boxing Club!

Why Join Seven Cities?

Here at Seven Cities Boxing Club we take pride in the sport of boxing, making sure you have the opportunity to fully experience the sport even at a recreational level. In our experience, many people find it difficult to commit to a boxing training regime at other gyms because their expectations simply don’t end up matching reality. At Seven Cities we take pride in our competitive fighters, but also understand recreational boxing can benefit everyone, and therefore leave the door open to you to decide how far you want to take your training.

With multiple experienced trainers on staff, we can ensure you receive the attention you deserve. Whether you’re learning how to put on hand wraps for the first time, or you want to spend some time with a trainer on the focus mitts to refine your left hook, we are happy to help you on your journey to peak fitness and building your boxing skills.

Additionally, we are up front about our rates. Although our monthly rates are subject to change, we are up front and will never change the rates more than once every four months. Should our rates change we will provide at least 30 days notice. We simply need to maintain our facility and pay the rent, and we try to do so with the lowest possible membership fees. For specific information on pricing, please inquire on our Contact Us page.

Pricing also depends on age. Those under 18 and over 55 generally get about 25% off the full price. Children and youth are always welcome (see our mission statement); however, the minimum age to be able to train is 10. Children between the ages of 10-14 will not be allowed to use any weights.

What Should I Expect When I Start?

When you start you will either have one-on-one time with a trainer, or you may be placed in a small group of other first-timers and given an explanation of how the workouts will work. Most people who are starting out are not in the best shape, which could be a reason why you are here, and even if you are fit, movements involved in a sport you haven’t played are sure to cause some muscle soreness in the days after the workout. We recognize this, and instead of discouraging you by overwhelming you with a killer workout, we will gradually ease you into the program.

Some people may not find this as exciting as they had hoped, but don’t worry, after the first few workouts you will be in the swing of things, gradually adding in more and more boxing-specific work every session. This is a great way to prevent overuse injuries and it also allows you to track your progression.

The first few sessions will consist of a tutorial on how to properly put on hand wraps, a warm-up, and then some basic lessons of fundamental boxing skills. This may not sound too exhausting, but if you haven’t worked out in a while the warm-up can be pretty tough. Exercises in the warmup include, but are not limited to, skipping, burpies, pushups, the bridge, arm circles, and some other core exercises. Especially at the start, this can be a workout on its own, but you will quickly find that it becomes easier and easier until it finally is an actual warm up for your routine.

Fundamental boxing skills include learning the proper stance, proper footwork, and throwing a jab and straight right right hand (or straight left if you find a southpaw stance is most comfortable). None of these require boxing gloves to be worn, so if you want to hold off on buying a pair until after the first couple sessions, that’s totally reasonable.

Do I Have to Fight?

Nope. We are here to teach you how to box and provide a killer workout, but at the end of the day, your workout is YOUR workout. Sparring is totally voluntary and, contrary to what many believe, there is absolutely no judgement placed on those who decide they do not want to spar.

If you are interested in sparring, you will first have to be approved by a trainer. This can be done casually during your workouts, usually by the trainer assessing your skill level when using the focus mitts and other one-on-one exercises. Both you and the trainer need to be comfortable with the thought of sparring before umping in the ring.

You don’t need to be aiming for a competitive boxing career in order to spar. Sparring is a ridiculous workout and can really enhance your experience at a boxing gym. We understand this and want to provide everyone with an opportunity to try without fearing commitment of more aggressive training or competitive boxing. In some cases, recreational boxers have enjoyed sparring so much that they continue to train hard and actually begin working with some of the competitive fighters, but don’t necessarily jump into the competitive world of boxing.

Is Sparring Dangerous?

If under the approved and under the supervision of a trainer, sparring is no more dangerous than any other exercise. To be clear, we don’t simply throw two random people into the ring and let them go at it. Instead, we select two people who are similar in size and skill level and we work with those two individuals. Especially when beginning sparring, you will find the rounds are often interrupted, as the trainers will hop in and work with you to refine your technique. Additionally, you won’t even be allowed to throw certain punches until you are approved by a trainer.

Additionally, we provide the proper safety gear for sparring. This includes sparring gloves, headgear with either cheek guards or a full face bar, groin protectors, and vaseline for your gloves so the punches slide off easily if any are to land. It is mandatory you bring your own mouth guard as well. If someone lands a punch on you, you will still feel it and may not like it at first, but with practice it can be easy to get used to and you will begin to learn how to properly defend yourself.

Once you become more skilled you will be allowed more freedom when sparring, to the point where trainers may not interrupt a round before providing advice. However, sparring is ALWAYS supervised, and you must let a trainer know ahead of time if you intend or want to spar during your workout.

When Can I Workout?

Our gym is open for recreational boxers to use from 6am-11pm everyday. There will always be a trainer on staff, and more trainers will be present during peak hours.

Peak Hours

Weekdays: 6am-9am, 5pm-9pm

Weekends: 9am-6pm

Are There Showers and Change Rooms?

Yes, we have male and female change rooms with individual showers. We have lockers available for rental with a monthly fee; however, they are usually all full. Please contact us for the status of our lockers, and if full you can be put on a wait list. Otherwise, we do have small key locks for smaller valuable possessions (e.g. phone, wallet, keys) that you can use for the duration of your workout. There is a common area you can store your larger items like bags and a change of clothes.

Where Can I Park?

We do have a small parking lot behind the building, but it can fill up quickly especially during peak hours. There is lots of free parking available on the streets around the club.

Can I Have a Tour First?

Definitely! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to chat with visitors and answer any questions you may have in person.

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