Why Boxing is Such a Good Workout

Boxing is a Great Workout


No matter what boxing gym you join, boxing is one of the best workouts you can participate in, especially long term. This often comes as a surprise to many, as boxers are great at making it look easy on TV, but this is mainly due to their level of experience and conditioning.

Workout Structure

Generally speaking, a boxing workout is similar to circuit training in that you don’t just focus on one part of the body or one muscle group per session. Instead, it’s a whole body workout that runs in a circuit-style fashion at high intensity all under your own body weight. For example, a very generic workout at a boxing gym could look like the following:

– 3 rounds of skipping

– Warm-up (consisting of many exercises. For beginners, the warm-up is usually a good enough workout for the first few sessions).

– 3 rounds of shadow boxing

– 3 rounds of footwork drills

– 3 rounds on the heavy bag

– 3 rounds on the reflex bag

– 3 round on the speed bag

– Skipping and cool-down

Additionally, depending on your level of commitment and how far along you are in the program, you can expect a little one-on-one work with a trainer that will help ensure you are using proper technique.

These workouts target all parts of the body, allowing you to truly get a full workout. Additionally, the high level of intensity promotes cardiovascular fitness to a higher level. I can personally attest to this. I’ve played many sports at a relatively high level throughout my life, and never have I ever been in better shape than when I’m committed to boxing.

Moreover, you are still participating in resistance training, which helps build muscle. Even though you likely won’t be lifting weights, exercises in the warm-up and throughout the workout are very strenuous on your muscles, allowing you to cut fat and build muscle all at the same time.

Then, assuming this is something you want to do and you have built your skills to the appropriate level, you may have the opportunity to spar.


Sparring is something that often intimidates people, and fair enough. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the sport of boxing, it can seem daunting entering a boxing gym thinking you might be in the ring with one of those guys or girls. However, boxing gyms are usually aware enough that it’s just not practical to let someone in the ring who isn’t ready.

Additionally, when sparring you are usually supervised and will be matched with someone appropriate for your size and skill level. Sparring is never full-on fighting. More often than not, there will be conditions to the sparring that force you to work on particular techniques. For example, it’s common when someone is first sparring to be told “only straight left and rights”. This allows you to focus on only a couple punches and combinations, placing more emphasis on footwork ,ring position, defense, and identifying proper times to go on offense/defense.


In summary, boxing is an incredible workout, and in our opinion, it’s extremely fun, too! We encourage you to visit us, or your local boxing gym, and talk with the trainers just to find out a little more information and to see what the other people there are doing. Most trainers are happy to chat especially to people interested in boxing. Hopefully you will find the right workout for your needs!

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